Five Elements Crystal Water Bottle

This premium VitaJuwel crystal water bottle is inspired by the five elements of ancient Chinese medicine: wood for growth, water for reflection, earth for grounding, metal for strength, and fire for passion. Its purpose is to ground, protect, and inspire balance.

This purchase includes: 1 Five Elements VitaJuwel water bottle.

The silicone loop helps add a layer of protection to your crystal water bottle. It also makes the bottle easier for on-the-go adventures. It consists of to silicone pieces: one to cover the top lid and one for the bottom lid. To use it, simply pull each piece over the lid and make sure they it fully lips over the outer edge of the lid. press on each piece to squeeze the air out.

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Protective and healing. Turns negativity into love. Increases spirituality. Calms the mind. Provides balance for life’s ups and downs.


The crystal of unconditional love. Opens and heals the heart. Turns negative energy into love.


Peaceful. Brings calmness into your life. Beneficial for public speaking.


This is actually wood that has turned into a crystal over time. Provides stability and grounding. Aids in overcoming fear and anxiety. Reminds you to accept things as they are.


Helps overcome stress and worry. Promotes patience and empathy.