An aura photography pop up and crystal boutique

How it Works

Aura photography captures your unique, individualized energy using a biofeedback camera. The resulting colorful polaroid showcases you AND your aura, representing your energy in real time! Working with us is easy. We set up at your store, home, or event facility. Guests will have a seat in front of our backdrop, and place their hands on sensors that are connected to the aura camera. Within moments, a colorful polaroid image emerges that reveals a portrait of their one-of-a-kind energy. Intuitive interpretations are shared for each polaroid if guests choose that session type.



Who We Are

We’re Kathy and Stacey, the founders of Auras All Around. We’re entrepreneurs, lovers of color, beauty enthusiasts, spiritual seekers, avid learners, design devotees, and independent ladies. We see the world in color. Whether it’s getting dressed for the day, designing our homes, or putting together portraits to photograph, we see the world through a kaleidoscope. We are so excited to connect with you!